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Virtual business internationalisation services

Internationalisation of business services with the aim of improving bilateral relations between Australia and Ibero-American countries through the application of digital technologies for businesses connectivity. Including admin, corporate, and regulatory affairs management as well as executive consultancy.
The very first business internationalisation project executed and administrated by the “Australia Ibero-America Consulting Group (AICG)” is known as “Franquicias Chile Australia (FC Australia)”, the Australian branch of Chile’s largest franchise consultancy company. Since its inception, they have granted more than 1,200 franchises in Chile, including more than 100 franchises in the last year amid the global pandemic Covid-19. “Franquicias Chile” is a key actor for the largest franchising network in the world, “Front Consulting International (FCI)” due to Chile’s high-income economy according to the World Bank* that functions as a platform for the internationalisation of business for companies that want to expand their operations throughout Latin America.



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Business Units Sold

AUSTRALIA IBERO-AMERICA Consulting Group (AICG) has been invited to participate in the largest worldwide franchise consulting network “Front Consulting International (FCI)“.

Franchises Set-up

This alliance also maintains a strategic business partnership with the largest consulting office active in the Asia-Pacific region, “Asiawide Franchise Consultants“.

Brands in Portfolio

The world’s top 50 Master Franchises are available for you all around South America, Central America, North America, the Caribbean and some European countries

Associated Countries

(AICG) Registers as the 24th country to be invited to join this vast business network.



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Meet the Team

Part of the team is member of:

The Australia-Latin America Business Council (See Profile),

Front Consulting International (FCI),

& The Future Autonomous System Technologies Research Centre at The University of Queensland.



Spoken languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Chinese.

Sara Ricci


Sara Ricci


Diego Castello


Sofia Bruno

Customer Support

Nicole Kaspersky

Customer Support

Nicole Kaspersky

Customer Support


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A franchise is a form of distribution or commercialization of a certain product or service that facilitates growth strategy for companies.

It is a system of “chain reproduction” of a successful business model, involving 2 parts:
  • The Franchisor: The owner of the brand and the know-how.
  • The Franchisee: The person interested in acquiring the know-how and utilising the brand.

It must be taken into account that the franchise is born from the effort of years of experience, market studies, successes, setbacks, failures, competition and a long road that the Franchisor has travelled an arduous path to have a successful and replicable business; Therefore, he will be very careful when selecting a Franchisee, who must meet several requirements before being chosen, since the Franchisor is putting the business in his hands and, therefore, is entrusting the image and prestige of his business that he has worked so long to build.

The Franchiser must have:
  • Entrepreneur profile
  • Profitable or successful business
  • Transferable Know-How
  • Expansion market

The success of franchising depends to a large extent on the commitment of the franchisee. By buying a franchise, the franchisee is taking a risk, but it is one of the easiest and safest ways to start a business. Moreover, success does not come by itself and hard work is essential for success. The franchisee must understand that this model does not work when you invest and control it remotely, but it works perfectly well when you work as a self-employed person, dedicating time and effort.

  1. Assign the use of the trademark
  2. Training
  3. Permanent support
  4. Control
  5. Innovation
  1. Adhere to quality and operation standards
  2. Attend training program
  3. Proper use of the brand
  4. Keep confidentiality and do not exercise unfair competition
  5. Comply with the payments :
    • Franchise Fee
    • Royalty

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